"Check out my man Steve B's MixCraft. If you wanna be the best you got to learn from the best."
- 50 Cent

about mixcraft

As an independent recording engineer who has worked for Death Row Records, Interscope Records, Sony Records, Capitol Records, Universal Music Group and many others, Steve has relationships with some of the biggest moguls in the music business, including but not limited to, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Iovine and 50 Cent.

Focusing on the roll of modern-day producers. From writing and arranging the songs to sound selection and vocal production.

A look into mic-ing techniques, signal flow and levels. We’ll be discussing various
situations from vocal chains, drum mic setups and piano recording. How best to get
analogue sounds in a digital world.

In depth looks at PT mixing in comparison to big console mixing. Discussing my approach to mixing and how you can apply the techniques to your own mixes. With discussions on verbs, compressor, EQ’s and other effects.

Business Affairs:
Recording, Industry & label advice.

All of the talks have little emphasis on a particular software platform, we will be showing you concepts and techniques that can be applied to any DAW….. Information that will massively improve your skills as a producer, whatever your chosen software.

Steve Baughman "Steve B" graduated from California State University, Chico in 1995 with a BA in Music, Recording Arts. Michael Jackson, The Pussycat Dolls, Usher, 50 Cent, Destiny’s Child, Pink and Snoop Dogg are just a handful of the top-selling artists that Steve “Steve B” has worked with.





artist album certification label award
50 cent the massacre december 16, 2005 aftermath / interscope x5
50 cent get rich or die tryin' december 09, 2003 aftermath / interscope x6
destiny's child' the writing's on the wall november 06, 2001 columbia x8
destiny's child' #1's november 30, 2005 columbia x1
eminem 8 mile (soundtrack) january 31, 2003 interscope x4
eminem the eminem show march 07, 2011 interscope x9
eminem encore devcember 17, 2004 interscope x4
eminem curtains call: the hits january 27, 2006 interscope x2
iglesias, enrique cosas del amor january 21, 1999 fonovisa x1
jackson, michael history august 21, 2009 epic / legacy x9
jackson, michael blood on the dance floor october 30, 2000 epic x1
pussycat dolls pcd january 06, 2011 a & m x2
view all